Courage Coaching Workshop



Are you ready to overcome the fears that have been holding you back from living the life of your dreams? Common fears of rejection, abandonment, failure, scarcity, judgment and many more can be pervasive in all areas of our lives, even without our awareness. I can help you identify, recognize, process and overcome the limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward, with Courage Coaching.


Fear is a natural healthy emotion that we need to keep us safe in life. When we fully understand the nature of our fears, they fade away. We can learn to replace that fearful energy by building bravery and courage. I want to show you how.


Courage is not the absence of Fear,

but the Mastery of it!

~ Fenix Fallgirl


Courage Coaching Workshop (10 participants) + Bungee Jump = $222.00


When? The 2-hour workshop will be held once a month. 

Next Workshop Date: Sunday, May 26th.

Where? Workshop at Bungalow 968, 102 – 39012 Discovery Way, in Squamish, BC. Bungee Jump in Whistler on the same day.


Courage Coaching is only available to those with their own transportation living in the Sea to Sky or Lower Mainland, BC at this time.


Please inquire about private or workshop availability with Lani by calling 604-726-5373 or filling out the form on the contact page.