Fundraiser for the Brave Book Project

Why are some people taking action, standing up and speaking out during C0VID in Canada? Why are some people so brave?

I am producing a book series that tells the true story of 20 brave individuals across Canada that are taking action to fight corruption, holding the government accountable, standing up against tyranny and demanding that law enforcement abides by our Charter of Rights in the land of the true north strong and free.

This book is meant to inform, inspire and empower others across our great nation to take action with civilized disobedience and be the change that we want to see in our country. The intent is to share some of the mindset of these brave activists, doctors, politicians, lawyers, business owners and regular people so that we can all learn how to be brave and take action in our own lives.

Some of the stories will include those of:

And many more…

I’m raising funds for the expenses to produce and publish this book. I am hoping to compile all of the stories, edit, format, publish the book before May 2021.

Not all of the story authors have the funds to help contribute to the production of this book, but they have valuable stories to share. I want to not only give them the platform but create a book that will become a part of our history and a true account of the transformational time of C0VID in Canada.

Can you please make a donation to help support me in the production of this book to share these important stories with the rest of Canada?