Contributing Author Agreement

Thank you for your interest in participating in the upcoming book:

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This book will be the second in a series of empowering true-life stories of ordinary people stand up and speaking out! With the overwhelming negative impact and influence of the false mainstream media narrative, we need to recognize, acknowledge, empower, and embrace all of those among us that are committed to confronting those in important positions across the country and holding them accountable for their actions that are in alignment with a nefarious and evil global agenda. 

Courage comes from speaking from the heart and standing up for what you believe.  I believe sharing your brave story and the mindset behind it, is a essential part of inspiring and empower others to stand up and Speak Truth to Power during this Great Awakening of humanity. 

This book is to be published as both a Paperback and Kindle book on and we guarantee to make it a best selling book on Amazon when we launch. You will be able to call yourself a best selling author of a controversial book that will be a part of our history!

Are You Ready to Share Your Courageous Story?

Important Terms & Conditions:

  1. I agree that I will provide necessary information for my chapter to LIONHEART PUBLISHING with the execution of this agreement for the anthology book The Brave: Speaking Truth to Power. To be released in July 2021, crediting me as a co-author.
  2. I agree to adhere to the submission deadlines and if I do not submit my material on time, my chapter will not be included, and I will not get a refund.

Because your co-authors will be planning events around the publication of the book, the DEADLINES are strict, and are as follows:

  • WRITING YOUR CHAPTER – Lani will give your a series of questions to use as a sample outline to help you write your chapter.  Your chapter will be professionally edited for grammar and spelling. 
  • CHAPTER SUBMISSION DEADLINE - May 15, 2021 (or earlier – highly recommended!)– Your 2000-3000 word chapter is due. You must send it in Microsoft Word or a Google doc. Do NOT send a pdf or a Pages doc.  This date is the FINAL deadline.
  • BOOK LAUNCH – July 1, 2021. The full launch of the book! This is the date your story is published as a part of history!

Your Responsibilities Are:

  1. Write a chapter of 2000-3000 words
  2. Send completely final chapter to in Microsoft Word. Do NOT send a pdf. Do NOT send a Pages doc. If you don’t have MS Word, you CAN send a link to your book in Google docs. Make sure you give permission to share it.
  3. Send a 150-250 word Bio. Include the contact information that you want to be included in the book. Be sure to write in the 3rd person, using ‘she/he’ instead of ‘I’.
  4. Send a high-resolution professional photo of yourself or anything relevant to the content of your story.
  5. Send a friend request on Facebook and Instagram (@fenixfallgirl) to Lani Gelera so she can tag you on posts about the book.
  6. You MUST adhere to the deadlines as stated herein.

Publishing Agreement:

  • I am granting to LIONHEART PUBLISHING and their partners the non-exclusive rights to print, publish, distribute and sell my chapter as a part of the book throughout the world in all languages.
  • I am granting LIONHEART PUBLISHING the right to use my name, likeness, biographical information, and full and/or excerpt of my chapter with full attribution to me in the promotion of the book in both digital and printed format. (Unless I choose to write Anonymously with a Pen Name)
  • I understand that the book containing my chapter is for promotional purposes only and that I will receive no royalties from the sale of the books. I can, however, sell my copies of the books at the same price as Amazon.
  • I understand that once I make the commitment to the project, there are no refunds for donations for any reason.
  • I understand that I will be able to purchase books at the wholesale price plus shipping/taxes/duty (where applicable) at any time, in any quantity, but I am under no obligation to do so.
  • I understand that LIONHEART PUBLISHING is not making any guarantees as to how many books will be sold, but only that the book will rank on at least one Amazon Best Seller list.
  • I understand that I shall retain the right to republish my chapter in any manner and LIONHEART PUBLISHING agrees this shall not be deemed an infringement on the copyright.
  • I understand that I will be named as a contributing author of this book on Amazon and I will be able to have my own Amazon Author page with my name and picture on it.


The cost to participate by writing your own chapter is a donation of $0- $500.  There will be a fundraising page you can share to help cover my expense to produce and publish this book.

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