• The wolves represent FEAR itself. What would your life be like if you found the courage to overcome your fears and live the life you have always imagined?

  • Wild Life Gym is here to provide a learning space for healthy movement, strength, and positive lifestyle habits. Gain the skills you need to navigate the wild world. - Wild Life Gym

  • I have put it all out there on a highline, just a few times so far. I have not successfully got up and walked across a highline, or “sent it”. Not yet. But I want to. And I plan to, hopefully, this co

  • I have never been nominated for The Hardest Hit award, but I’ve definitely taken some hits hard enough to share a story. These are the kinds of stories I share all the time in conversation when asked

Lani is The Fenix Fallgirl

Welcome to my Personal Lifestyle Blog. I love to write about my amazing 18-year career as Stuntwoman in TV/Film, my outdoor adventures living in the Sea to Sky Corridor in Beautiful British Columbia and my magnificent and magical manifestations of living a life less ordinary, following my passion and going after my dreams. I value personal growth, authenticity, integrity and compassion. If you resonate with the words I use then you, my friend, are my soul tribe. You are the family I choose, with love!

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