• The wolves represent FEAR itself. What would your life be like if you found the courage to overcome your fears and live the life you have always imagined?

  • Wild Life Gym is here to provide a learning space for healthy movement, strength, and positive lifestyle habits. Gain the skills you need to navigate the wild world. - Wild Life Gym

  • I have put it all out there on a highline, just a few times so far. I have not successfully got up and walked across a highline, or “sent it”. Not yet. But I want to. And I plan to, hopefully, this co

  • I have never been nominated for The Hardest Hit award, but I’ve definitely taken some hits hard enough to share a story. These are the kinds of stories I share all the time in conversation when asked

Lani is The Fenix Fallgirl

Have the courage to be adventurous, travel, learn new skills and fully experience this life today. Have the courage to believe in yourself, know your worth and your unlimited potential to do life your way, for you, on your own. Have the courage to say no, break up, lose friends, be disliked, and face the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back from living the life of your dreams. Have the courage to stand in your own personal power and know that you deserve all that you desire in this lifetime. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition asking you to trust in love one more time. If you don't have the courage,... Courage Coaching is for you!

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