Watching the whales fireside in Ucluelet, BC  (photo: Lani Gelera)

Aside from a magical incantation used by wizards and witches while waving their wand, do you actually know what these words mean?

abracadabra-484969_640 – was derived from an ancient Hebrew or Aramaic phrase meaning, “I create what I speak”. This is obvious proof of the fact that we have known, since ancient times, the power of the words we use when we speak. Equally as powerful as the words we use in our internal dialogue when we speak to ourselves.


The story we make up about our lives and keep telling to ourselves and others over and over again has absolutely everything to do with the world around us that we have created for ourselves. An amazing example of this was illustrated in The Bucket List Life Podcast Epsiode # 6: The Story We Tell Ourselves Determines our Life with Giles Fabris.

The words we use and repeat continuously, whether positive or negative, to describe our lives concerning the situations and events are accepted by our subconscious mind as true and subsequently attract more of those corresponding situations and events in to our lives. So choose your words wisely in conversation with others and most importantly in your internal dialogue.

Affirmations are very effective statements that imprint on the subconscious mind the desired situation or outcome. When repeated again and again, it pushes the mind to take action to make the statement true.

I encourage you today to be mindful of your thoughts and the words you use when trying to manifest your dreams and check off items on your bucket list. Try creating three or four affirmations of your own that will transform your life.

The key to creating effective affirmations:

  • Keep them brief and memorable and in the present tense.
  • Use personalized words like I, me, my, and only positive, uplifting, inspiring words that resonate with you.
  • Include action words that motivate and inspire you to do something differently.
  • Write them down and place them all over your house, car, work so you can see them and speak them all day long.

Some of my own personal affirmations:

  • I trust in the universe and believe in my path to success
  • I believe I am worthy of love and respect.
  • Everyday in everyday I’m confidently getting better and closer to my dreams.



Have fun with your affirmations! They should make you feel good and smile, just like I hope this blog post did. Transform your words and transform your life!

It’s as easy as saying, “Abracadabra!”