A pack of wolves is chasing me through thick rainforest. It’s midnight, and the moon’s glow casts mysterious shadows that seem to follow me. Alone, I stumble over thick tree roots as I run over rocks, past ferns, wet moss, and through a raging creek.

I was being chased by wolves. It started off in the forest, at night. I was alone and I could feel their eyes on me, following me, stalking me. I never got a good look but every time I turned a corner I caught a glimpse of their shadow close by. They seemed to be all around me, encircling me. I started to run away and I could feel one of them running after me. I never stopped to look or turn around but their presence was omnipotent and menacing.

I saw an old building in the distance and ran for shelter, trying to escape the wolves I fear. As I ran for the large wooden front door, I could feel the wolves in pursuit not far behind. Reaching the door terrified, I burst through and slammed it behind me, just in time as they were at my heels.

Relieved, I found myself in a huge, empty building full of long corridors and many rooms to each side. At the end of the hallway, one of the wolves walking toward me in the shadows as moonlight spilling through a bedroom windows caught its eyes. I began to run down the opposite hallway and into one of the rooms, again slamming the door behind me at the last second before the wolf reached me.

I turned around and started walking through the room, only to find another wolf entering through another door left open. As it approached me, I would run again, feeling tormented and fearful. I searched for another open door, which I would once again slam against the snout of the approaching wolf.


I awoke from this dream, feeling fearful, confronted and challenged. I immediately took note of how I was feeling and what happened in the dream. Sometimes, the most important message in a dream is how it made you feel. And all characters in a dream are not necessarily who they literally appear to be; more importantly, they represent or symbolize different aspects of you, the dreamer. What did these wolves symbolize to me?

The wolves represented something that I feared. They symbolized fear itself. I was afraid of them simply because they were wolves. These dream wolves were never growling at me. They never bared their teeth or showed aggressive behaviour. They were just wolves. Because of that alone, they frightened me. So what did I do? I ran away from them and kept slamming doors to escape my fears.

Never once in my dream did I turn around and stand up to face my fear head on. This was the valuable lesson that the wolves gave me. Fears are always going to be around me. Given the chance to run away or face them, I need to turn around and confront my fears, to find out what they are all about. This dream kept happening over and over again because it was trying to bring my attention to something that I was afraid of, that I wasn’t facing, and that I really needed to pay attention to and address.

Who knows what would have happened if I just turned around, looked that wolf in the eye, and said, “What’s up, dude? Why do you keep following me like that?” Maybe he would have just disappeared. Or maybe he would have given me the next 6/49 numbers.

I’m confronted with things that I fear on a regular basis whether it’s in my career as a Stuntwoman, in uncomfortable social situations or speaking in front of the camera or groups of people.  These are all fears that I deal with almost daily and need to confront in order to overcome.

Who knows what can happen when you face your fears? This realm of unknown possibilities is one reason why I love all of my dreams: the good, the bad, and the terrorizing. I believe that dreams are our connection to the unconscious mind. They are the gateway to another realm and dimension, where we can receive guidance, inspiration, clairvoyance, and messages from our spirit guides and loved ones who have passed.

wolf2For more information on dream interpretation, meaning and symbolism, check out some of these books. Jeremy Taylor’s The Wisdom of Your Dreams: Using Dreams to Tap into Your Unconscious and Transform Your Life, and Ann Faraday’s The Dream Game, and Dream Power.