I daydream sometimes about my future home
When my eyes are shut and I’m sitting all alone.
There’s one spot in my house that keeps coming in so clear
In my vision this one place to my heart is very near.
It’s all that really matters in this future home of mine
The south facing patio with a view so very fine.

The rest of this home doesn’t matter as much to me
as the clear view of the east and west horizon I can see.
To watch the sun rise in the morning and set in the night
Is all I want in my magnificent life for all to be right.

In my daydream I see myself on the patio at sunrise
Greeting the new day with my heart, as if opening a surprise
Taking a moment to be grateful, saying all my thank-yous
Meditating and visualizing on how this new day I will use.

And then, in the evening I am facing the west
Sitting on a bench with my husband, my head on his chest
Cuddled so warm together in a blanket, my hand in his
Watching the sunset together, in love and in bliss.

My daydream to me is a vision of what’s to come
I can see so clearly, the future my vision is from.
I close my eyes and feel as though I’m there today
to see the sun rise and set in such a beautiful way.