Give More Get More Article

The Power of Reciprocity is a very useful tool to keep in mind while striving to achieve your goals in life. The fact is that when you freely put something out into the universal flow of your life, you are more likely to experience more of that thing return back into your life.

If you really want something, give it away to others. If it’s something you don’t have that you want, take a good look at your life and appreciate all that you do have and give thanks for your good fortune. Sometimes this requires you to reframe your thinking, and the story you tell yourself. Let me make it really simply for you:

If you want love: be a loving person and learn to love even the smallest details of your day. Love yourself, love your environment, love your dog, your family, your friends, love the way the sun shines through the trees on a cold winter day. And I promise you, eventually, when the time is right, all of that love while be returned to you in the way you desire.

If you want money, prosperity and abundance: We all have abundance around us and there is more than enough for everyone. You just have to learn to see how fortunate you are in your current situation and be grateful for all that you have been given. So grateful that you feel compelled to put $5 in the tin cup of the homeless person on the street or you feel like buying the persons coffee in the drive-thru behind you. Start giving more, even in the smallest way, and seize the opportunities around you to increase the prosperity and abundance in your environment. And I promise you, money that flows freely without bitterness, regret or obligation, will eventually, when the times is right, flow back to your life in abundance.

If you want to learn something new: Teach someone else everything you know about what you want to learn. This is so powerful. As I was trying to learn slack linning I would pick up small but effective tips and techniques from others around me and day by day, I would start to get better. But I noticed that the days I had a huge leap in learning and my technique started to really clean up were on the days that I would have a friend out for the first time and teach them the very basics that I knew. By teaching others we reinforce the foundation of learning that skill ourselves.

If you want help, support, encouragement in life: Well this seems pretty obvious but… help, support and encourage others around you! When your friends and family succeed and are doing well, it makes you feel great and strengthens your sense of community. If your friends are struggling and need a little help, support or encouragement to boost them thru the hard times, be that person for them. Be the type of person that you want others to be to you. The most rewarding way to accomplish your goals in life is to help others accomplish theirs.

If you want focus and direction in life: If you don’t have focus or direction in life, it’s because there are too many things in your life and too many options for you to choose from. You need to focus and direct your energy on simplifying your life. I’ve recently decided to move to another city and in the process I’ve downsized my place, purged my life and given to charity all these material possessions that no longer serve me. I cancelled all my memberships I barely ever use. I stopped spending time with negative people that didn’t appreciate or support me. By simplyfing my entire life, I’ve realized that every thing and everyone left is what’s important to me and it makes it so much easier for me to focus on my passions with a new and clear direction.

Everything is energy and the law of attraction is universal. Be a reflection of what you’d like to see most in others.  If you want love, give love. If you want money, give money.  If you want respect, give respect. If you want honesty, give honesty.  If you want help, help someone else.  You always get in return what you give.

So, what can you do today to give away what you want most?

At The Bucket List Life we are constantly coming up with new ways to give more of what we want out of life.

Check out some of these inspiring videos and start thinking of how you can give more of yourself, your time and your energy in order to GET MORE OUT OF LIFE!