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Inspirational Stories of Overcoming Adversity

May 2017 – Squamish, BC – Lani Gelera , a BC West Coast native, is a successful professional Stuntwoman in TV/Film, an experiential Entrepreneur and a compassionate advocate for empowering young women everywhere to follow their hearts and know their own self worth.  She became an Amazon best-selling author with the release of her new […]

My Bucket List

There are many lists in my life. List of things to do, groceries to buy and reminders, lest I forget. Lists of qualities I look for in a man, a list of foods to stay on a strict diet and lists of goals I want to achieve. Things I want to accomplish in a […]

To See the Sun Rise and Set

I daydream sometimes about my future home
When my eyes are shut and I’m sitting all alone.
There’s one spot in my house that keeps coming in so clear
In my vision this one place to my heart is very near.
It’s all that really matters in this future home of mine
The south facing patio with a view […]

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People often tell me when we meet, that they always wanted to be a stunt person. Then, they ask me: How did you become a stuntwoman?
My career as a Stunt Woman is a magnificent manifestation of me following my heart and passion in life.
I’d love to share my story with you. I hope that […]