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The Wolves I Fear

A pack of wolves is chasing me through thick rainforest. It’s midnight, and the moon’s glow casts mysterious shadows that seem to follow me. Alone, I stumble over thick tree roots as I run over rocks, past ferns, wet moss, and through a raging creek.
I was being chased by wolves. It started off in […]

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Do not fear your fear.

I’ve been hanging up here for about five minutes, suspended 180 feet above a parking lot. A single wire, attached to my harness by a 200-foot crane keeps me from plummeting to earth. It’s a chilly January night and there is a hustle on the ground below as 80 or so crew members prepare […]

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People often tell me when we meet, that they always wanted to be a stunt person. Then, they ask me: How did you become a stuntwoman?
My career as a Stunt Woman is a magnificent manifestation of me following my heart and passion in life.
I’d love to share my story with you. I hope that […]