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Stuntwoman in Hollywood North (Vancouver, BC), sharing the love and inspiration from her stories and experiences, adventures in a life less ordinary.

Inspirational Stories of Overcoming Adversity

May 2017 – Squamish, BC – Lani Gelera , a BC West Coast native, is a successful professional Stuntwoman in TV/Film, an experiential Entrepreneur and a compassionate advocate for empowering young women everywhere to follow their hearts and know their own self worth.  She became an Amazon best-selling author with the release of her new […]

If You Really Want Something In Life – Give It Away To Others

The Power of Reciprocity is a very useful tool to keep in mind while striving to achieve your goals in life. The fact is that when you freely put something out into the universal flow of your life, you are more likely to experience more of that thing return back into your life.
If you […]

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The Words You Use Are So Powerful – Choose Them Wisely!

Aside from a magical incantation used by wizards and witches while waving their wand, do you actually know what these words mean?
 – was derived from an ancient Hebrew or Aramaic phrase meaning, “I create what I speak”. This is obvious proof of the fact that we have known, since ancient times, the power of […]

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You Want To Fly in Life, Surround Yourself with Eagles, Stop Hanging Around Turkeys!

The people we surround ourselves with in life have a very important and integral part to play in who we are.  Those that we spend the most of our time with have a profound effect on our opinions, our beliefs, our confidence and how we feel about ourselves and our abilities to achieve our […]

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My Bucket List

There are many lists in my life. List of things to do, groceries to buy and reminders, lest I forget. Lists of qualities I look for in a man, a list of foods to stay on a strict diet and lists of goals I want to achieve. Things I want to accomplish in a […]

To See the Sun Rise and Set

I daydream sometimes about my future home
When my eyes are shut and I’m sitting all alone.
There’s one spot in my house that keeps coming in so clear
In my vision this one place to my heart is very near.
It’s all that really matters in this future home of mine
The south facing patio with a view […]

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The Wolves I Fear

A pack of wolves is chasing me through thick rainforest. It’s midnight, and the moon’s glow casts mysterious shadows that seem to follow me. Alone, I stumble over thick tree roots as I run over rocks, past ferns, wet moss, and through a raging creek.
I was being chased by wolves. It started off in […]

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Getting my Slack on!

“What in the world could possibly be so interesting or challenging about walking back and forth on a webbing line for an hour or two!?”
The thought going thru my mind when my amazing friend Kenyon Salo, (Founder of TheBucketListLife.com) would mention that he just went to the gym and spent an hour slack lining. […]

Do not fear your fear.

I’ve been hanging up here for about five minutes, suspended 180 feet above a parking lot. A single wire, attached to my harness by a 200-foot crane keeps me from plummeting to earth. It’s a chilly January night and there is a hustle on the ground below as 80 or so crew members prepare […]

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Crashing through the Stuntwoman Stereotype

Don’t call me crazy and No, I’m not going to beat you up!

I reject the typical stuntwoman stereotype.

When I meet men for the first time and tell them I’m a stuntwoman, they often think I’m going to do something crazy and unpredictable or beat them up. You can see it in their eyes; it’s as […]

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