Head Shot #1

The Phoenix Process

The Phoenix is an ancient mythical creature similar to a firebird strong and magnificent with the plumage of a peacock. The Phoenix appears in many different cultures but essentially the Egyptian story tells that once every 500 years, the Phoenix would seek to renew itself by sitting in a pyre of its own creation, allowing the flames to burn away all of its negative habits, beliefs and energy until it had essentially reduced itself to ashes. Only to be reborn and rise from the ashes a new, improved, reinvented version of itself – stronger and wiser having learned from its past and prepared to face the future with confidence and determination for another 500 years. The story is symbolic of rising from the difficulty and pain of hard times, learning profound and life altering lessons and then moving forward having completely reinvented yourself and moving on with confidence to new chapters in life. The transformation is unique, powerful and profound in everyone’s life if and when they can recognize it.

The Fenix Fallgirl’s Story

Born and raised in a small town outside Vancouver, BC with a Filipino father and French-Canadian mother, Lani grew up between two cultures. Considered ethnically ambiguous, she never felt that she truly fit into either one. She was destined to find her independence at an early age, break all family traditions, and pave a road uniquely hers.

Lani’s stay-at-home mother, Susan, was her ultimate role model and guardian. Her many roles shaped and formed Lani’s young mind.  Lani’s mom was her Brownie and Girl Guide leader, softball coach, and lunch lady at school.

Susan enrolled Lani in every activity and sport she could, including gymnastics at the age of 5. She frequently took Lani and her sister camping, hiking, to the lake, horseback riding and on new adventures. Attending many field trips and school functions, Susan stayed 100-per-cent committed to, and active in, every area of little Lani’s life.

Besides outings and sports, Lani’s mom was always sparking creativity and imagination with new art projects and fun games. She remained a major influence in Lani’s life until she passed away suddenly when Lani was only ten.

After her mother’s unexpected death, Lani gained full independence moving away from home at the early age of thirteen. At that time, the greatest lessons in her life began. She learned that life is fragile, and that the most reliable person to count on is you. Her spiritual journey began on a quest for answers to many questions not typically asked by a pre-teen such as, “What happens after death?” and “What is the purpose of life?”.

High school was extra challenging for Lani. Moving from one friend’s home to another, she had unstable living conditions. At age fifteen, she suffered the heartbreaking death of her closest cousin. But throughout it all, Lani managed to immerse herself in many sports and activities while maintaining an honour roll status. She realized the importance of finishing what you start and following thru with commitment.  More importantly Lani learned that nothing in life, whether good or bad, is permanent.

After managing to put herself through college and attaining a diploma in computer programming, Lani realized the importance of finding her true passion. She did not want to pursue something in life just to make a living.

Knowing that physical activities have always been her strength, Lani became a fitness instructor at age of 23. In this position, she set out to travel the world, working on luxury cruise liners. After sailing the seas for almost three years and travelling to more than thirty countries, Lani finally decided to come back home to British Columbia when the planes hit the World Trade Centre on Sept.11, 2001.

Upon returning home, Lani once again used her magnificent powers of manifestation to find a rewarding career of self-employment as a stunt performer. In this new role, as a stuntwoman in Hollywood North (Vancouver, B.C.), she could use her vast array of physical skills and abilities. It seemed as if this career was naturally meant to be and she had been unknowingly preparing herself for it her entire life. Lani became the Fenix Fallgirl.

So, since 2002, she has been fighting monsters, crashing cars, flying through the air, falling down for a living and travelling off on solo adventures looking for those experiences that change your life.

All along the way, the Fenix Fallgirl has sought meaning in everyday events, followed her passions, asked questions to the universe, listened to her inner guidance and learned to go with the flow of life.  She believes that everything in life—absolutely everything—happens for a reason.






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