Lani Gelera is the Fenix Fallgirl, a successful stuntwoman working in Vancouver, B.C. since 2002.

After a colourful background as a systems integration analyst, fitness instructor, world traveller, and apprentice energy healer, Lani has found her dream job as a stuntwoman. She is a passionate and highly motivated warrior woman with magnificent powers of manifestation, who courageously rules her world with love. As spiritual being and bold student of life, Lani truly embodies the never-ending art of learning, loving, letting go, and living for today.

Every day, she wants to live an exciting life full of adventure and magic. More than anything, she wants to make a positive contribution, inspiring others to follow their dreams and get fired up about life.

To learn more about the Fenix Fallgirl, please check out the ABOUT THE FENIX section.

Lani has loved writing ever since she started her first journal at the age of 12. She believes that everyone has a story to share and every story has the potential to inspire.  She is excited to share with you all aspects of her life less ordinary, her unusual career and never ending adventures.

In the Fenix Fallgirl’s blog, you will find this inspirational content:

  • Compelling articles about Lani’s personal life experiences
  • True-life stories about her many inspiring friends
  • Personal journal entries from the memoirs of the Fenix Fallgirl
  • Tales of adventure and world travels
  • Stories of magnificent and magical manifestations
  • Training and motivational tips for staying active and in shape
  • Behind the scene movie magic and stunt specific articles

Stay tuned to see what the Fenix Fallgirl has to share with you next!  

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